Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in our lives: the results of the survey from Forklog

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in our lives: the results of the survey from Forklog

In 2020, 1815 people from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Asian countries and Europe took part in the annual FORKLOG survey “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in our lives”.


  • 94.6% of FORKLOG audiences are men.
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum remain the most popular cryptocurrencies.
  • In 2020, the investment portfolio brought the income of 72.3% of respondents.
  • The survey participants prefer to trade on the Binance exchange and generally trust centralized trading platforms.
  • Half of the respondents uses VPN.
  • Uniswap is one of the most used Defi services.

Portrait of the reader FORKLOG

Most of FORKLOG readers are people aged 26 to 35 years. These are mainly men.

The audience of our magazine – 91.7% – lives in Russia and the countries of the near abroad. The top 5 visitors to the site includes residents of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Poland.

45% of respondents have an average income level, 30.7% – low, 19.1% – higher than average, high – 5.2%. A third allows itself rare trips abroad. A slightly smaller percentage did not go beyond the borders of his native country.

Every third respondent owns its own business. 28.9% of respondents are directly related to the sphere of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

7.6% learned about cryptocurrencies in the first years of their existence. But the bulk of the respondents learned about them during the period of rapid growth of bitcoin in 2016-2017.

Cryptocurrency portfolio

The vast majority of respondents have cryptocurrencies. Almost half of them acquired digital assets in the period 2016–2017.

Every second respondent – 57% – plans to expand its investment portfolio, every tenth thinks about its creation. 72.3% of investors received income from investments in cryptocurrency in 2020.

Bitcoin and Ethereum remain leaders in popularity. Defi tokens are gaining popularity.

What cryptocurrencies do you store?

Respondents are interested in long -term investments and earnings on trading.

For what purposes do you use cryptocurrencies?

Anonymity and dark

For 60.1% of respondents, digital assets are an opportunity to exercise the right to privacy of financial transactions. Although the use of anonymous cryptocurrencies is not a fundamental for them.

Similar situation with mixing services.

Half of the respondents – 51.7% – uses VPN. And preference on the side of free services.

Tor browser and Darknet is not particularly popular among survey participants.

Mining and staying

Almost half of the respondents were engaged in cryptocurrency mining. 8.3% of respondents own a specialized business.

Every third had experience earnings on stakeing, using wallets and centralized exchanges for this.

Exactly a quarter of the respondents invested in the Defi sector. 59.4% refrained from investments due to ignorance of technology and distrust of projects.

Defi tokens and profitable farming turned out to be the most popular.

One of the most used Defi services was the Uniswap Exchange.

How exactly you invested in Defi?

What Defi service do you use?


Cryptocurrency trading is profitable in 43.1% of respondents.

Traders make a choice in favor of centralized sites. The percentage of DEX users is small.

Most of the respondents are trading on Binance.

What centralized exchanges do you trade?

22.7% of respondents had experience in trade in cryptocurrency derivatives. The survey showed that traders use a small credit shoulder – up to 25x.


On the issue of storage of cryptocurrencies, users prefer software wallets, such as Bitcoin Core. Leadership is preserved by non -cocked wallets, for example, Blockchain.COM and Electrum.

What wallet do you use?

Only 30% of respondents use hardware wallets. Among the popular – Ledger and Trezor.

What hardware wallets do you use?


63.2% of respondents have never participated in ICO or IEO. From among investors in the ICO 15.7% incurred losses and only 5.5% went to zero. 14.2% were able to increase investments.

18.9% of respondents in the future plan to invest in STO.


The overwhelming number of respondents daily reads the press.

However, their attention is gradually shifting to Telegram and YouTube channels.

What communication channel do you prefer to obtain relevant information?

In addition to FORKLOG, respondents view the financial and economic media, as well as a common media. 17.8% of respondents receive all the necessary information about the FORKLOG cryptocurrency industry.

What media, except for Forklog, you read?

The most readable sections of our site are news and exclusives. Most prefers to receive fresh information from the @Forklog Telegram channel.

What are you reading on forklog?

25.5% of respondents are viewers of the YouTube channel FORKLOG. 34.8% read articles by FORKLOG Hub residents.